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It’s never easy to ask for money

To ask for money is never easy. But we would like to make an urgent request to you all.  The children’s orphanage costs around 700 euro each month. So far we do not get  enough donations to cover these essential costs. That is why, unfortunately, the mobile clinic has to be put on hold. But the orphanage cannot afford to be put on hold. Our  children have to go to school and they must have food and get medical treatment.  Please spread the word for our cause and, when you are able to, please donate. Every  type of donation is very welcome. We are especially grateful for regular monthly  support. That makes it easier for the regular monthly costs.  Give me Hope Africa would like to thank all of you for your support. 

January 2015 – Beatrice

GMHA is taking over a new child. Beatrice is a seven years old girl from the village  Mutufu. In her young age she looks back to a very cruel past ... [more info] 

January 2015 – Edith

Next to the childrens home GMHA supports people und children in their homes. One of  them is Edith ... [more info] 

January 2015 – Jonah & Mary

Jonah is just 24 years old. He has got two sons, who live with us. Some years ago he  went together with his wife to the capital Kampala where he found a job as a  carpenter. He was able to care for his family. But then the first news reached Bukunde,  his home village. He had gone mad... [more info] 

End 2014 -Annual Summary Report

Dear friends of Give Me Hope Africa, ...coming soon...

December 2014 – Construction of the children’s home

The construction of the children’s home gets forward very slowly. It cost us more money than we had expected before. Before we can finally shift there are still some things  which need to be done. Because of the number of robberies and crimes against the  children’s rights it is necessary to build a wall around our area. But still it has been  done something ... [More info]

December 2014 – Caroline

Imagine: A baby is born. A cute one but it is not even 3 months old when the skin starts  to change. That much that people get disgusted. Hardly noone wants to touch the baby  but nearly everyone is starring at her. The doctors don’t know how to help and can’t  reduce the symptoms. Sixteen years later Caroline comes to Give Me Hope Africa.  Surely, this girl needs help urgently. With the help of Sunrise of Hope e.V. from  Germany, this seems to succeed ... [More Info]

December 2014 – Junior Magomu

It is only a year ago, that the team of Give Me Hope Africa (GMHA) has met Junior  Magomu. The 15 year old boy came as a patient to our mobile clinic. While he was  playing football his leg got injured. Though that accident happened some months  earlier he had still complained about strong pain. Because we could not help him  straight away with our mobile clinic, we took him to the only orthopedic hospital in  Uganda. There the doctor discovered a chronical osteomyelitis - an inflammation in the  bone, which requires a surgery. The team of Give Me Hope Africa and their relatives  decided to pay the surgery privately. Only one year later Junior shows up at our mobile clinic again. He has again pain in his  leg and the ankle got stiff. The diagnose is the same: chronical osteomyelitis and a  surgery is needed. Sunrise of Hope e.V.  Germany makes it possible. This time Junior  can be operated immediately. But this time he is terrified. He knows to which pain he  will have to go through. He cries. In the end he agrees to go for a second operation.  The doctor made clear that the leg could be amputated one day without another  surgery. We are worried about Junior and hope that this time it will be easier for him.  And yes: after the surgery Junior is less in pain and as well the wound of the operation  is smaller than last year. Junior is more than released. Together with a nurse Junior  trains how to move his leg to prevent that the disease will come back or his ankle will  be stiff again.   Recently we have visited Junior. He trains daily and is still very released that we feel  much better this time. Dear donors: Thank you so much for your support. Thank you  that we could help our Junior Magomu again.  29.10.2014 – A family needs support  A pastor and his wife came to GMHA  recently. Over the past few years they have taken  in eight street children and have tried to support and help them with the little means  they have. Sponsoring the whole family or one of the children or material donations can  all help to improve the lives of those eight children … (More Info) 

29.10.2014 – Dan

Give me Hope Africa has got a new baby. Babyboy Dan is touching the herats of all Give  me Hope Africa members. In the village he has been a forgotten soul … (read more) 

29.10.2014 – Pregnant women

GMHA is starting a new project. We will support pregnant HIV-postive mothers and give  them medical care so their children can be born healthy. But sepecially in the village  not everyone wants to know their health state. Many people fear the results so much  that they rather not know. To overcome this fear a counsellor joins us, who is specified  in the topic HIV … (More Info)

16.10.2014 – Pets

Give me Hope Africa has grown. Recently we have started caring for a family of rabbits.  Who are taking care of them? Our children! To make our new members feel as  comfortable as possible the children have enthusiastically been constructing a rabbit  hutch.

16.10.2014 – Kinderkirche

Since a few weeks, Give me Hope Africa has developed a children's church, with a  service which is especially made for children with a lot of dancing and singing … (more  info)

06.05.2014 – Brian and Annette as well as a thank you to foster mum


The information about our project and our work has spreat in Mbale and its  environment. People are passing by our office regulary to ask for help. That's how we  have met Annette and Brian. Annette’s sister passed away from Aids some months ago  and she left behind her small, one and a half year old son, Brian. Shortly before she  died, she asked Annette to promise to take care of Brian. You can tell by her expression  in her face. But how? ... (More Info)

20.01.2014 - Good bye Hannah!

At the beginning of this year we had to say “Goodbye” to our highly valued member,  Hannah. The half year sabbatical from her job had come to an end. It was not easy. A  tearful goodbye but full of good memories.  Hannah, we want to thank you for your incredible support and the wonderful time we  all had with you. We know that we are with you in your heart and that you are going to  support us from home. We are looking forward to your next visit. 
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