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Sponsorship - Richard Wayeyes My name is Richard Wayeys. I live together with my wife and our seven children in  Namuselele, Uganda. These days we worry a lot about our son Michael. Michael is five  years old and has got a tumour in his head. Along with the pastor and members of ‘Give  me Hope Africa’ we have been to a special clinic on 14th October. The operation required is supposed to be on 2nd December. The cost will be 750,000 USH. The same amount  will have to be paid for the stay in the hospital and for the care afterwards. The total  amount will be around 1,500,000 USH (around 430 Euro, £365). As a farmer I am able to  feed my family most of the time, but we do not have any extra money, especially not such  a high amount. If you would like to support us and Michael, please contact the ‘Give me  Hope Africa’ team. Many thanks,
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