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Construction of the children’s home

As already reported the construction of the children’s home gets forward very slowly. It cost us more money than we 

had expected before. But still it has been done something. The roofing has been completed and as well the sealing. The 

plastering in and outside is finished and the floor has been leveled, though it still needs tiles. Besides the plumbing has 

been completed and all the wiring has been done. A roofed terrace has been constructed which will be the dining- and 

playground in future.  

But before we can finally shift with our 31 there are still some things which need to be done. Because of the number of 

robberies and crimes against the children’s rights it is necessary to build a wall around our area. This will take around 

1000 Euro. Our house needs paint as well inside and outside. This will as well take around 1000 Euro the labor included. 

And for sure our children want to keep on enjoying the nice food of our cook. So we'll need a kitchen. In Uganda the 

kitchen are mainly based outside. The kitchen including all materials and labor needs another 800 Euro.  

That why we are more than happy that we have received a 1500 Euro donation of the 

company IDE.Automation GmbH. This money will be only used for the further 

construction of our children’s home. That will already cover the costs for the wall and 

the outside paint.

A big „Thank you“ to all our members from Give me Hope Africa! 

By the way, it can be lots of fun working on the new house. So that we could better 

provid for ourselves, we started working on our own allotment. So far we have planted 

beans, corn, spinach and eggplants. The children really enjoy the work and are always 

happy to help.  


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